We Asked 1,000 Americans What Currency the British Use…

September 20th, 2013

Just for fun, we surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out how many of them knew which currency we use here in the UK. All respondents were asked:

“What currency do they use in the United Kingdom?”


The vast majority answered ‘Pounds’ or a close variant. We included ‘Sterling,’ ‘Pounds and pennies,’ ‘Quid’ and other similar variants in the correct answers.

A few people answered ‘Lbs’ clearly meaning ‘Pounds’ but we’ve decided against grouping those with the ‘Pounds Sterling’ answers! Lbs and £s are, after all, very different!

One person answered that we use the American Dollar!


The Best of the Quirky Answers

One of the greatest things about surveying real people is some of the odd answers you get. So here’s a special mention for those who answered:

Download the Data

We collected the data using Google Consumer Surveys. Just in case you’re interested in the raw data and viewing responses by gender, age, location in the US and income, you can download the raw data here.



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